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    Components like the frame, wheels, and suspension on new vehicles are initially aligned to maximize performance and reduce wear on your tires. Over time, these systems become “out of alignment” which means the tires no longer operate parallel with each other and do not meet the road at the correct angle. An alignment can increase the life of your tires, stabilize your car on the road, and give you greater control.

    Brakes are the most important part of the safety system in your vehicle. Come by your local Gills Point S anytime for a free brake inspection. We’ll identify any potential problems and can perform the necessary repairs to ensure your vehicle is safe and road-ready.

    If you have a headlight out, Gills Point S can help. We will also help with the lights you might not have known were out. Burned out taillights can be hard to identify, so bring your vehicle into Point S for an inspection, and we will make sure you can see and be seen.

    Vehicles have many fluids, all of which become dirty and less effective over time. Regular flushing and replacing of your vehicle’s fluids are recommended to ensure its longevity. Bring your vehicle in, and let us make sure your transmission, engine, cooling system, steering, brakes, and all the rest are working smoothly with clean and effective fluids.

    Air, Cabin, and Fuel Filter
    Cooling System
    Check Engine Light Diagnostics
    Fuel System
    Steering and Suspension
    Wiper Blades

    Your Gills Point S store will provide complete oil change service that saves you time and money! Regular oil changes are essential for the life of your vehicle and to maintain your new car warranty. A complete oil change service at Point S includes everything you expect and more!

    A little attention to your battery now can prevent a very inconvenient situation down the road. Stop by for a free battery check today. Your Gills Point S technician will make sure the battery connections are tight and free from debris or corrosion and suggest any necessary service. If your battery needs a replacement, we will help you make the best choice for your vehicle.

    Belts and Hoses are wearable parts found in all vehicles and are essential in their operation. Each time you bring your vehicle into Point S, we’ll inspect these items and ensure you and your vehicle aren’t at risk of potential breakdown. If we find something that needs repair we’ll bring it to your attention.

    A properly working suspension system isn’t just for riding comfort, it’s important to driving safety. The steering and suspension systems bear the weight of your vehicle, keep the tires on the road, and help you experience a smooth, controlled ride. To help make sure your steering and suspension systems are working properly, our ASE certified technicians can examine all of your steering and suspension components.

    Bed covers, bed liners, LED lighting packages, lift/level kits, roof racks, bumpers, wheels, and more. Make your dream vehicle a reality with vehicle accessories from Gills Point S. To learn more about our truck and vehicle accessories options and to get a free quote, click HERE

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