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Buy with confidence at Gills Point S Tire & Auto. In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty that takes effect when you make a purchase, we add our Point S Promise Tire Warranty. That includes the following FREE services, good at any of the 200 plus Point S Tire & Auto Service locations nationwide.

All covered flats are repaired FREE of charge for the life of the tire. The tire will be dismounted and inspected. It will then be repaired or replaced, whichever is appropriate. Repair of the tire can be accomplished in the following manner (ranked in order of damage complexity): a vulcanizing plug, a patch, or an inner tube. The new or repaired tire will be remounted and balanced.

Maintaining proper air pressure in your tires is essential for improved gas mileage and optimum tire life. We’ll check to make sure your tires are not under- nor over-inflated. Under-inflation causes increased tread wear and generates excessive heat, which can reduce tire life. It also reduces your fuel economy by increasing rolling resistance – soft tires make your vehicle work harder. Over-inflation is also detrimental to the tire. Too much air pressure causes the center of the tread to bear the majority of the car’s weight, which leads to faster deterioration and uneven wear. Any kind of uneven wear will shorten the lifespan of your tires.

We recommend rotation of tires every 5,000 miles, or as needed to assure maximum mileage. Rotation does not include dismounts or mounts. Proof of rotation is required. The Point S technician will remove the tires from the vehicle and inspect for unusual wear or damage. The tires will be moved to the appropriate location in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation and reinstalled with the wheels torqued to the proper value. This is important to maximize tire mileage.

We’ll give your tires a good visual review to look for punctures or other visible signs of damage that may make replacement necessary. We’ll also inspect for cracking and pitting and wear patterns on the treads to keep you safe on the highway.


This warranty includes all of the above services, along with the following:

Correctly balanced wheels keep you driving smoothly and they also reduce noise, vibration, and premature tread wear.

Keeping your vehicle in alignment is one of the most important things to do to maintain the longevity of your tires. We will perform a free alignment check and make recommendation as needed.

You're driving home from work when your “Low Tire Pressure” warning light goes off. So, you pull over at the nearest gas station and check your tires. You fill up the offending tire and get back on the road, but the warning light still won’t turn off. We will check the tire out and reset the sensor for you!

Point S offers a FREE tire replacement down to 3/32" tread depth  if a tire fails due to workmanship, materials, or road hazards.

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