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Get Your Vermont, New Hampshire, or New York State Inspection

We understand that your annual state vehicle inspection can be viewed as a frustrating errand. That's why we make it easy to get all the auto services you need under one roof - saving you time so you can get back to doing the things you want to do!

Your annual inspection is a way to ensure your vehicle is running correctly, and can alert you to any problems before they become a long term issue. Gills Point S Tire & Auto performs state vehicle inspections at all of our Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York locations. We will check every item on your state's list, and if we find any issues, will let you know how they can be fixed.

Why Get A State Inspection?

Getting a state vehicle inspection ensures you are driving legally. You need to have an up-to-date inspection in order to buy, sell, or register your vehicle in Vermont, New Hampshire, or New York. A State Inspection also alerts you to any issues your vehicle may have, so you can get it fixed in a timely manner and ensure you are as safe as possible on the road.

After your inspection, Gills Point S will give you a report, let you know the cost of any necessary work, and perform it for you if you choose to move forward.

Have A Question On State Vehicle Inspections?

Contact us with any questions and we would be happy to help!

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